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Ketu is the south node of the moon, popularly known as Dragon’s tail in western astrology. It is generally referred to as a “Shadow Planet”. It is has a orbital cycle of 18 years and is 180 degrees to Rahu. Ketu rules the Scorpio Zodiac sign along with Mangala. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve zenith of fame. It has tremendous effect on human life and also on the whole creation. Ketu is mysterious among all the planets. Ketu is factor for spirituality, disinterest, salvation, tantric acts, divine and it keeps secrets in the field of medicines. Ketu is factor for person opposing the traditions. It is a factor for languages. Use of computer comes under Ketu. Ketu is the cause for ulcers, extreme pains, dermatitis, grief, Dog, Tuberculosis, air disorders. When Ketu is weak the feet of the natives become weak. Ketu is also Brahm Gyan, detachment from the world, Salvation and Worship of Lord Ganesha. In 12th House Ketu give salvation. suggest to see Kutu PAC with other planets to derive the final results

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