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Sun in 2nd House

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In Vedic Astrology Sun the luminescent planet represent Ego, Fire, Poison and being a planet of separation if posited in Second House which as per astrologer is the house of immediate family ie. Wife and children, house of speech, representing mouth, face and your earnings, will not give good results. Best astrologers say that Sun in second house may give disturbed family, facial disease, tooth trouble, stammering. In Horoscope the second house in Kaal Purush kundli is house of Taurus whose ruling lord is Venus being a enemy of Sun. Therefore position of Sun in 2nd house will be bad. The second house is also house of wealth and the lord of second house in Horoscope is enemy of Sun, so its position here may deprive the native of happiness and wealth or it my give high expenses and loss of money.  Astralbless request to consider PAC connection with other planets also.

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