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Sun in 5th House Sun in Fifth House

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In Vedic Astrology the Fifth house represents children, education, mental aptitude, your tendencies, childhood, grandfather etc. In natural Zodiac Sun is the lord of fifth house, therefore its position, as per astrologer, here give a few children, a son, wisdom, intelligence and courage. The Native will be intelligent, poor, paternal danger, or may loose his father at an early age. May have unhappy and disturbed mind. If Sun is with Rahu or Ketu it may lead to loss of children or with conjunction of Mars loss of children due to enemies. The Native may have bulky body, fickle mind, scholarly but short life. May wander in hills or forests. As per Best Astrologer Sun position in fifth house is not preferred. If Jupiter or Mercury are combust with Sun in fifth house then the native will be dull. Astralbless  suggest to see its PAC with all other planets to conclude any results. Best wishes from

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