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Sun in 6th House  Sun in Sixth House

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The position of Sun in Sixth house may give good administrative abilities, boldness and success. The Native will be defier of cast and customs. The Native will be financially sound, affluent and famous for his virtues. As per Vedic Astrology he may have many enemies and will be able to destroy them. He will be terror to his enemies. The Native will have executive abilities and may have colic troubles. Sun in 6th house gives Native praise worthy qualities, happy surroundings, interested in Yoga. As per best astrologer Malefic in Sixth house are described as good. The native will have ability to fight back odds and destroy criticism. He may cause evil to his mother’s family but keep his brothers and relatives happy. As per Sundeep Ghai the native will be close to king or Government and with his competitive spirit will be able to win. In these days of fast life and fierce competition in every field Sun position in Sixth house will give good results. Astralbless suggest to ascertain PAC of other planets also before coming to any conclusion.

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