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Sun in 8th House Sun in Eight House

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Sun in Eighth house as per Vedic Astrology makes the person very active, talkative who serves low cast people. Sun represents eyes so the native may have defective eyes, will be poor and unhappy. He may be separated from his family and can have relationship with foreign lady. As per Astrologer malefic position in eighth house is undesirable. Sun is a royal planet which creates royal pressure. As per astralbless Sun’s position in eighth house, the place of losses, suffering,  is said to cause sufferings in life and chronic ailments as mentioned in Vedas. Native may suffer piles, weak sight and physical ailments leading to being short lived. The native may have few children. If Sun in own house or exalted the native will be longed lived. Sundeep Ghai of suggests to see the PAC with all other planets before coming to any conclusions

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