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Sun in 10th House Sun in Tenth House

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The Sun in Tenth House has the directional strength and may also form a Raj Yoga being the 5th Lord of Kaal Purush posited in 10th House, depending on the sign in which it is posited there. As per Vedic Astrologer the Native becomes dutiful, disciplined and has dutiful sons. He gets good relations with highly placed officials and also gets good success in life, in government circle and embassies. The native as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will be courageous, enjoys life free of diseases. The person will be bold, clever in acquiring wealth, adventurous, educated and quick decision. Native will be fond of Music and may found institutions. He will be famous and may have successful military or political carrier. As per Astralbless Sundeep Ghai please see Sun PAC in the horoscope and running dasha before coming to a conclusion.

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