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Sun in 11th House Sun in Eleventh House

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The Sun posited in 11th House is generally treated good. He will have wealth and power and would be able to destroy his enemies with his wisdom. May suffer on part of progeny. As per Vedic Astrologer native will have beautiful wife, may be rich and may have political power in combination with other planets. He or she will be stately, preserving and would attain success without much efforts. Native may have many enemies, will be a man of principasl and will acquire conveyances. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai native may be money minded and interested in gathering wealth, devoid of affection, and may be in the services of ruling Government. He/she may be unstable and a sources of attraction to opposite sex. Astralbless suggest consider PAC with all other planets before coming to any final conclusions

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