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Sun in 12th House Sun in Twelth House

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Sun position in 12th House is not described as very favorable. The Native will be a womanizer, sinful, poor, thief, neglected. He will have long limbs and ceremonial minded. As per Vedic Astrologer native will be interested in occult and esoteric activities, will not be happy in respect of children. The person may suffer from appendicitis, may be morally fallen, will have deformed body and some defect in the eyes. As per Sundeep Ghai the native will have weak constitution, may be benefited from government and will not have good heart. The native will live in foreign country. If Sun associated with 6th Lord then disease like leprosy can be there. If it’s a female then she may be malicious, drunkard, impure. As per Astralbless other planetary positions should be looked in a horoscope before coming to any final conclusions

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