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Moon in 1st House Moon in First House

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Moon in 1st House of a horoscope make the Native wealthy, beautiful, courageous and happy. If positioned in First house in Aries, Taurus, Cancer sign then being well posited and strong will give the native wealth, liberty and pleasure. In other house the Native becomes passionate, distressed, dumb and may also loose prosperity. As per Vedic Astrology if Moon is weak, debilitated or afflicted then native will be very poor, idiot and in distress. The Native will be mentally unsteady, suffers bodily troubles. As per astrologer Sundeep Ghai the person will be well versed in shastra, soft spoken, soft skin and will not be intelligent. Moon makes the person romantic, moderate eater, disease in private organs or ears. Native may be intensely passionate, fickle minded, stubborn and proud. Astralbless suggest to check the position of other planets also before giving any final conclusions.

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