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Moon in 6th House Moon in Sixth House

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Moon in sixth house make the native tender, submissive to the opposite sex, indolent, short tempered, lazy, slender body, weak sexual connections, and worries about cousins. The position of strong moon here as per Vedic Astrologer make the person victorious over enemies and enemies cannot raise their heads again. The relations will not be cordial or mother will not be happy. The person as per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will be one who helps anyone in need. He will have the habit of giving help to other even at his own cost of health, wealth and prestige. Female with moon in sixth house makes them fickle mind, mean conduct and treacherous. The native will develop illicit relations with widow or indulge in sinful deed. If moon afflicted with Rahu & Ketu the native will be devoid of wealth, have enemies and stomach troubles. As per it is suggested to see the PAC with other planets before any conclusions.

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