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Moon in 7th House Moon in Seventh House

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Moon in seventh house gives the native a very beautiful wife, will be loved by faithful and illustrious spouse. The full moon make the person passionate, fond of women, have good family, will be social, successful and energetic in field of life. . As per Vedic astrologer the weak, afflicted or in a malefic sign the native will be devoid of happiness, the spouse will be sick, native’s mother will be short lived, he will be narrow minded and will have pitiable condition. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai moon in seventh house make the native soft spoken, fond of women, will get a beautiful wide in 32nd year, may have defect in eyes, earth wealth through business in foreign places, will sexually enjoy many women or will many wives. The native will be interested in music. suggest to study the PAC with all other planets when making a conclusion.

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