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Moon in 8th House Moon in Eighth House

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Moon position in eighth house as per Vedic Astrologer will give comforts of conveyances, the native will be very intelligent. If the planet is weak here then the native will not enjoy conjugal happiness, will suffer from some disease and will be short lived. The native as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai can suffer from some severer diseases and will be sickly. If moon is in its own sign  or in sign of Jupiter or Mercury or Venus the cause of death may be bronchitis. In female natives it may case sick eyes, breast or vaginal troubles. The native should be aware of danger from water, may be separated from his family due to his wife, and if it is strong in its own sign it will give longer life. As per the PAC with all other planets should be seen to come to a better conclusion.

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